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      Jewellery from the 2021 Academy Awards

      Just like many award shows, the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, broadcasted this year on a smaller scale than usual. 

      The 2020 Oscars went ahead last year, nearly missing the COVID outbreak. However, the 93rd ceremony was held this time with a much different ceremony than it has in previous years.

      With many nominees attending the event both in person and from afar, the award show’s red carpet was able to see many dazzling looks despite the lower attendance. Consisting of the expected glamorous attire and the more extravagant ensembles, the red carpet still managed to be a focal point of the event, with jewellery being no exception.

      From elegant designs to daring pieces, you can find the most notable jewellery pieces below.


      Regina King

      Hitting the red carpet in a dazzling ensemble, Regina King certainly set the bar high with her elegant and sophisticated outfit.

      King wore a gorgeous Cinderella-esque style light blue gown, bedazzled in sequins and crystals. With bold winged shoulders and a tight-fitting silhouette, the actress completed the look with little accessories to make a statement at this year’s event.

      A subtle choice, the recent director went for minimal yet tasteful options in her accessories. She showcased a delicate range of diamond rings and an elegant tennis bracelet to complement her dress. 

      As a close resemblance, we offer a large selection of white diamond rings right here in Sydney, like our Pavé Set Diamonds or Brilliant Emerald Diamond Channel Band.

      Jewellery from the 2021 Academy Awards

      Reese Witherspoon

      Reese Witherspoon has been a long-time favourite during awards shows and she took no prisoners this year, attending the Oscars in a sophisticated blood-red dress.

      Not afraid to experiment, Witherspoon went for various jewellery designs, using an assortment of diamonds, pearls, rubies and onyx, respectively. Bold and daring with her ombré red tones, the actress also introduced an Aztec bracelet and black belt, completing her stylish ensemble.

      To achieve one of the dark styles Witherspoon wore to this year’s Academy Awards, we suggest our Oval and Pear Ruby Trilogy ring. Utilising a three-stone setting, white diamonds surround the three rubies, creating a balanced yet rich design that would have perfectly suited Witherspoon’s style.

      Reese Witherspoon


      Always managing to pull off one of the best looks, Zendaya did not fail to show up with other guests on the red carpet with her stunning ensemble. 

      Matching her neon yellow gown, Zendaya tastefully went for a mix of white and fancy yellow diamonds with her accessories. Most notably, the actress’s use of the intense yellow stones in her necklace and earrings allowed her to contrast and stand out from the red carpet.

      A similar style to Zendaya’s, our Yellow Pear Diamond Drops is a design that is just as powerful. Hanging from dazzling white diamond hoops, a lengthy tear-drop shape is created. In the middle of the pendant, bold yellow diamonds sit, framed by elegant round brilliants. 

      A design that won’t have you falling into the crowd, this pair is one you’ll want adorning your ears.


      Found the style you want to introduce into your collection? Let Midas Jewellery solve all your fine jewellery needs by visiting any of our three jewellery stores in Sydney for assistance. With a large selection of red-carpet worthy jewellery, you will find the right piece with us.

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