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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Jewellery for those wanting to spice up their style

      Have you recently looked at your wardrobe and felt like it was time for a change? Whether you found a new trend or you are sick of wearing the same things over and over, a change in style can be refreshing!

      As we grow and mature, our changes and preferences will evolve, especially with new trends being introduced. From trying new styles of clothing to even adding colour into your usually-bland collection of accessories, a shakeup in your wardrobe can be exciting and welcomed.

      At Midas, we have a large variety of jewellery. As much as we love classic, timeless pieces, we also appreciate the more modern and intricate designs!

      To spice up your look, here are some of our most interesting jewellery for you to try.

      Any of our coloured gem rings

      Filled with rings that would make the perfect statement piece, our collection of coloured gem rings can do no wrong! Whether you like greens, blues or red and pink tones, there will be a ring here that will help make your outfit pop.

      For those looking for a matured yet bold style, a green emerald or blue sapphire ring will do the trick. A great example of this style is the Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring. Not only does it have a vintage style, but its royal blue stones, thrown into a mix of white diamonds that are cut into intricate shapes, makes a concoction no one could refuse.

      If you are trying to achieve a lighter style, go for one of our pink-toned rings. Living up to its name, Blush and Beautiful is a ring you’ll never want to take off. Framed by a dazzling halo of micro pavé diamonds, a stunning blush pink kunzite sits at the centre. Feminine and compelling, this is a ring you’ll want to see if you are after a lighter colour.

      • Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring
      • Blush and Beautiful

      Coloured earrings

      A great way to mix up your style is by introducing loud and colourful earring designs.

      Bright and sunny, the 1.05ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion is a pair of earrings no one could ignore. Providing a burst of light, white diamonds follow down the drop to create a halo to the centre yellow cushion cut diamond. This is a radiant and fiery pair that won’t get lost in your hair-do.

      Due to their length and obnoxiously addictive colour, this earring style is one that will add some excitement to your new adopted style.

      Possessing a similar effect, our Bright Pink Tourmaline is a fantastic option for those wanting something a little more girly. Featuring a drop design, bright pink pear-shaped tourmalines dangle from a strand of round brilliant white diamonds, which also create the halo they are surrounded by. Bright and sparkly, these earrings could never go astray.

      • 1.05ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion
      • Bright Pink Tourmaline

      Bright diamond pieces

      Skip the expected white diamond in your jewellery and opt for something a little different to truly introduce a new style into your repertoire. If you are looking for a diamond that is left-of-centre, Midas can help you!

      For an unusual coloured gem, we recommend you go for a champagne diamond. As seen in our Champagne Diamond Necklace, this enchanting diamond is a mix between rose gold and yellow gold. A drop-down design with two champagne coloured pear diamonds, framed by small white diamonds makes this necklace one that will have you standing out from the crowd.

      Prefer a louder tone of pink? Then you’ll adore our Rare Pink Diamond cuff bracelet. Creating a thick wall of floral designs, this piece features an array of pink diamonds with different shades. Providing a solid thickness, there is no way this bracelet will go unnoticed on any outfit it accompanies.

      A more striking colour that is just as lovely is one of our favourites, the yellow diamond. Unarguably vibrant, yellow diamonds are a great addition to dress rings, earrings, necklaces and more. An exemplary piece is our Wrapping Leaf Ring which is certainly a show-stopper thanks to its wild-shaped yellow diamonds.

      • Champagne Diamond Necklace

      Found the piece that will have your wardrobe feeling updated and interesting? Come and visit any of our three stores to get it today!

      With an abundance of jewellery on offer, we are proudly one of the most extensive jewellers in Sydney. From necklaces and earrings to our endless selection of engagement rings, you’ll find a piece perfect for you within our collection!

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