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      How to pick up proposal hints from her

      Have you been wanting to propose or trying to figure out whether she is dropping hints? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! If you have been together for a while now and their friends are getting married or engaged, there is a good chance your partner has made a few subtle hints to give you a nudge.

      Recently, we discussed how your partner can drop some proposal hints. Now, it’s time to help you identify these signs!

      To know if it’s the right time to propose, we walk you through the possible hints you may have missed and help you determine what engagement ring to get.

      Hints she is waiting for a proposal

      For this, there are many ways that your partner may be hinting that they are ready for you to pop the big question. To figure out whether they have tried to give you a few hints, take a few scenarios into consideration.

      Have you gone shopping recently? If your partner has dragged you by a jewellery store or made comments while passing by a display window full of diamond engagement rings, then there is a good possibility that was her way of giving you a subtle hint.

      If you were recently hanging out together and she was raving about her friend who recently got engaged and how she is so excited for them, then she may just be telling you to do the same thing.

      Do either of the above scenarios sound familiar to you? Your partner might be trying to give you a nudge!

      Newly engaged woman

      Hints about the ring

      Dreaming about the type of engagement ring she’ll be presented with when she is proposed to is a thought most women often have.

      They consider what colour, cut and design they would like – and most probably have a good idea of which ring they prefer before you even ask the big question. So, finding a way to hint what ring they desire is something your partner might be trying to communicate to you.

      Maybe she sent you a photo of that blue sapphire engagement ring she saw on social media? Not really a subtle hint, but this is a definite sign!

      She is trying to give you a hint that not only is she waiting for a proposal, but also showing you the type of ring she likes.

      If your partner has mentioned specific types of rings she likes and what she thinks suits her better, even though she isn’t specifically talking about an engagement ring, this could be another hint. Try and keep in mind what design or colour she would like, as this could benefit you while looking for the perfect engagement ring!

      Halo engagement ring

      What to do from here?

      If you’ve identified one of the above, there is a good chance you’ve had a hint dropped your way. Now, it is your choice whether you pick it up or ignore it. Don’t feel rushed if you aren’t ready! But if you are, Midas Jewellery is here to help!

      Firstly, you might want to read our recent article that can help you find an engagement ring that fits. After reading this and figuring out what you need to get the right size, now is the right time to visit us!

      When browsing through our stunning collection, our team will assist you in looking for the perfect ring that will make her heart skip a beat.

      Romantic proposal


      Looking to pick up the hint and propose? Come visit one of our Midas boutiques! At Midas, our team will guide you through some of the most exquisite engagement rings in Sydney. Our goal is to help you have the most stress-free experience whilst looking for that perfect engagement ring. To have a look at our collection, come visit a Midas store today.

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