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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      How to: Keeping your ring’s sparkle

      When it comes to our rings, there is nothing more we love than watching them sparkle! The enchanting shimmer of the diamond when it hits the light is absolutely spellbinding.

      If you have a stunning diamond ring, whether it be a halo dress ring or solitaire engagement ring, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

      And if you have witnessed the pure shine of your diamond ring, then there is nothing worse than the thought of it losing that sparkle!

      To keep your ring from losing its brilliance, we want to share some tips that will help it last an entire lifetime. To enjoy your diamond’s sparkle through the years, continue reading below.

      Don’t touch the diamond!

      If you are looking to maintain the sparkle of your diamond ring, then you’ll want to make sure you touch the actual diamond as less as possible. The same also goes for other people. As exciting as an engagement can be, try and encourage people to look up close rather than touch it.

      By touching the diamond, you are transferring dirt, body oil and any other debris your hands may carry over to the stone. As this keeps building up, your diamond will be sure to lose its shine quickly.

      In saying that, it is only natural to accidentally brush or touch your diamond, so it isn’t life or death if you do from time to time. Just try to be mindful not to play with it excessively so you can encourage your diamond to keep on shining!

      Dont touch

      Give your ring a professional clean

      A rule that we stand by in the general care for all of our Midas products is that you bring it in for a professional clean. From diamond wedding bands to engagement rings, if you have bought it from us, then you are granted our free, lifelong after-purchase cleaning service.

      Not only is it free as a complimentary service, but it means you will be able to get your ring cleaned professionally regularly. Using approved industrial products and our safe knowledge on diamond care, our team will be able to cautiously clean your diamond ring the way it should be.

      To ensure your ring keeps its true sparkle, we recommend bringing it in at least once a year. It is also recommended you bring it in once it starts to gather dirt or is starting to appear dull. We want you to get the most out of your ring for as long as you have it!

      Give your ring a professional clean

      How to store your engagement ring properly

      If you want to ensure your ring keeps its brilliant shine, then we recommend you store it properly. This means NOT putting it amongst other diamonds or at least keep it separately.

      When diamonds end up against other diamonds, they can have the potential of scratching one another. To keep your ring in top condition, we recommend keeping it in the purchased box it comes in. This way, it is kept alone in a sealed environment that will also fight against any wear and tear or dust.

      If you do want to keep it in a jewellery box, make sure you keep it separately. Whether it is spaced out on display or kept in a jewellery bag away from other diamonds, it will help to keep your diamond ring apart from the other pieces in your collection.

      How to store your engagement ring properly

      Avoid taking your ring near dirt and chemicals

      Be careful with where you wear your ring! As diamonds naturally attract oil, it is relatively easy for your ring to gather a build-up of dust and dirt. We recommend taking off your diamond ring when you plan on working out or doing physical activity.

      It is also a good idea to take it off when playing around with bacteria and dirt, such as when you are cooking or gardening. However, as professional jewellers, we do understand things happen and your ring getting dirty from time to time is inevitable.

      Although we recommend you bring your ring to us for a clean, you can always give it an extra clean at home through this simple GIA approved tip. In a sink (PLEASE put the plug in before you put your ring in to be cleaned) or a closed surface, like a cup, add some water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent.

      It is crucial to make sure the detergent is not chlorine bleach or abrasive. Once you have mixed this solution and placed your ring in there for a soak, take a clean, soft toothbrush and give your diamond a gentle brush.

      This will remove any dirt and oils your ring has gathered. Then, wash it with clear water and finish drying it with a lint-free cloth.

      Avoid taking your ring near dirt and chemicals

      Now you know what must be done to keep your rings sparkling for as long as possible! With some of the most exquisite dress and engagement rings found in Sydney, we are a reliable source you can trust.

      If you are looking to get one of our enchanting rings, visit one of our three boutiques spread across Sydney. With master jewellers that can create you a bespoke ring on site, there is nowhere else you would rather go.

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