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      How to decide on a thick or thin band

      It can be a tricky decision when it comes to deciding on a thick or thin band. While both design choices have their respective benefits and styles, it can be hard to pick between the two.

      To go thick or to go thin – that is the question. To make your decision easier when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, we’ve listed what you should consider assisting you in making the right decision.

      Take a look below to make your decision.


      Think of the size of your fingersPearl and Diamond Earrings

      What many brides should consider when it comes to choosing engagement ring bands is the size and shape of their fingers. This can also help you decide the right cut and features for your ideal design.

      Most of the time, people tend to go for rings that flatter their hands. Because everybody is different, the band width will differ for everyone.

      The ideal band size will change depending on your finger length and width. Whether you have thicker fingers or slender fingers will dictate the most flattering band size for you.

      Generally, a thicker band would be ideal if you have slender fingers, as it will add width to your finger. For thicker fingers, a medium-sized band would be best to balance the finger size and not make it appear larger than it is. Short fingers will benefit from a thin band as it will provide an elongating effect.

      Read here for a run-down on the recommended ring design for thin, long, wide, and short fingers.


      Pick the stone, features and cut you want firstPearl and Diamond Earrings

      Another factor in your band choice should be the other contributing features of the ring. For the perfect ring, you will want a design that is balanced and flattering.

      To achieve a balanced ring, you need to ensure your band features and centre stone/s are ones that pair well with your band size. This is true for both gemstone and diamond engagement rings.

      For example, you don’t want to pick a small carat diamond and have an excessively thick band. The band in contrast to the diamond will be excessive and will make the stone appear smaller than it is.

      On the other hand, if you want the diamond stone to appear larger, a thin band can do just this. By having a delicate band that is smaller in thickness, the stone will be amplified and will appear larger, adding to the overall appeal.

      Are you considering a bulkier setting like a three stone trilogy or a halo setting? You’ll generally want a slightly thicker band to provide support. Bands around 2-3mm are more durable and can support thicker and heavier features. Although the aesthetic look is important, proper support for your chosen previous stone should still be considered.


      Think of the future wedding ringPearl and Diamond Earrings

      Once the big day comes along, the tradition is to wear two rings – your engagement and wedding rings. When choosing your engagement ring band, we suggest you consider the future wedding ring. This means you should consider how the engagement ring band will impact the following design.

      Do you want the wedding band to be thicker? Or maybe you would prefer your engagement ring to be more prominent? Use this plan to dictate the band size of your engagement ring design.

      A lot of people like to get a matching band width for both rings. If you were hoping for a flush pairing, you should consider this in advance, thinking ahead to ensure both your engagement ring and future wedding ring suit one another.

      At Midas Jewellery, we have multiple engagement rings that come with matching wedding rings. This way, the pairing is seamless and pre-decided for you. We also have a wide selection of women’s wedding rings on display to help you decide while finding the right engagement ring.


      Have you decided on the right band width for you? Visit Midas Jewellery so our team can help you! Whether you are searching for your ideal engagement ring or wedding band, we will assist you in finding the right design.

      Would you prefer to customise your ring? We also offer an exclusive customisation service where you can sit down with our master jeweller to create your dream ring! Make an appointment with your preferred boutique now.

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