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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      How to: Checking whether the diamond is real

      When looking at engagement rings, our team at Midas Jewellery knows for a fact that you will want to get what you are paying for.

      And if you are buying a diamond engagement ring, then of course, you don’t want to be paying for a fake!

      Unfortunately, with such an important investment, many people are being misled into purchasing engagement rings that use fake diamonds.

      To help you get the most out of your ring, we are here to teach you how to identify whether a diamond is real or not.

      If you want to know how to check the authenticity of a diamond or to see whether your diamond ring is the real deal, keep reading below.

      Visit a diamond specialist

      An obvious method is, you can skip the guessing and go straight to an expert by visiting a diamond specialist. Not only is it their job, but they can also confirm whether your diamond is real or fake.

      Using a loupe and other tools, they can investigate the diamond and give you a reputable answer.

      With their experience and knowledge, this option is better than guessing and trying to find your own results.

      However, if you decide on a more budget-friendly option, you can always try the methods below.

      Knowledgeable in all things engagement rings, our staff will be able to identify whether a diamond is real.

      All three of our Midas boutiques strive to deliver the best engagement rings in Sydney, so you can skip the guesses and purchase a genuine diamond engagement ring through one of our stores.

      Diamond specialist

      At home methods

      If you want to skip the specialist and save some money, you could always try simple methods at home.

      A common technique is the fog test. To do this, you simply must take a deep breath and exhale on the diamond up close.

      If the fog from the heat of your breath disappears straight away, it is most likely a real diamond, and if it takes a few seconds, then it is probably fake.

      Another common test to determine whether a single diamond is authentic is to drop it in a glass of water. As it holds high density, a genuine diamond will sink straight to the bottom.

      A fake will stay afloat on the surface or just underneath as it doesn’t match the density of a real diamond.

      For those feeling a little braver, you can try to shatter the diamond. Yes, you read that right! Shattering  it is a huge indicator that the stone is indeed a fake.

      If you heat it with a lighter and drop it in cold water, a real diamond will withhold the test and stay in perfect condition instead of shattering like a fake stone will.

      At home methods

      Be educated

      A great way to give you your answer or at least to know the difference between a real diamond and a substitute is to be educated in diamonds.

      This means knowing the different elements and being able to identify a real from a fraud. And learning about the 4Cs of diamond quality is the perfect way to get educated.

      Here, you will learn the contribution that colour, clarity, cut and carat weight have on the stone. It will also help you identify an expensive diamond compared to a cheaper one.

      Knowing how a diamond should react to light is also valuable knowledge. By being educated about its reaction to light, you can more than likely figure out its authenticity.

      When it meets light, a diamond should release strong rays of reflection. It will also make it impossible for the diamond to be see-through.

      Be educated

      Looking for authentic diamond rings in Sydney? Look no further than Midas Jewellery! With all three of our boutiques striving to deliver our customers with quality rings, all diamond engagement rings purchased through us comes with a GIA certificate of authenticity that reflects its qualities.

      Ready to find the engagement ring of your dreams? Come visit one of our stores to start your search today!

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