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      How to celebrate your wedding anniversary

      As experts in engagement rings, we often get to share the excitement with future and newly wedded couples.

      Because of the industry we are in, we know just how important it is to celebrate such events, especially the moments that follow, including the big day.

      When it comes to something as special as marriage, it is always nice to celebrate on your anniversary to remember the beautiful moment you were linked to your partner eternally.

      This is especially true for grand milestones such as the 5th anniversary and every significant number afterwards.

      As romantic as they are, we know how difficult it can be to make an anniversary one that is better than all the rest. That is why we are here to help!

      Below, we let you know what you can do to ensure this anniversary is one you’ll both remember.

      Whether it be your 10th or 50th anniversary, here are some tips that can guarantee this will be an occasion you’ll never forget.

      Plans for your wedding anniversary

      It is your anniversary, so why not go all out and make your spouse feel as special as the day they did when you exchanged your vows?

      Whether it be a quiet romantic dinner or a peaceful brunch on a private yacht, there are plenty of ways you can plan a wedding anniversary you’ll both remember.

      Dinner is a classic date that can never go wrong. It is always a safe bet for your wedding anniversary. Whether you go to the same restaurant you went to on your first date or you take them to dine at that uber fancy restaurant you always walk past, a night with food is always a winning choice.

      Another great plan you can’t go wrong with is a weekend away. Escaping from the norm is perfect for those who want a quick getaway from the parent life. Visit a destination you’ll both enjoy!

      From a weekend of wine sampling at the Hunter Valley to visiting a beach town down the coast, you will be sure to surprise your partner. Just don’t forget to book a hotel or any popular activities beforehand!

      No matter what you plan, it is always good to incorporate your present into the celebration. Whether it be surprising your partner in the middle of dinner or getting the gift sent to your hotel room, it will be a fun addition to get creative with your delivery.

      Wedding anniversary

      Wedding anniversary gift ideas

      A sweet way to remind them how much they mean to you is to buy them a romantic present. Whether it be something that resonates with your wedding or a piece of jewellery, gifts can make a big impression.

      For a gift they’ll love, really think about who they are and what they desire. It is an excellent time to think of something they’d appreciate. Consider their style and think of possible presents they may have subtly mentioned in the past.

      Jewellery is a gift idea that is versatile yet sweet and will always bring a smile to your loved one’s face. If you originally bought your engagement ring or diamond wedding bands from us, then why not make it a full-circle moment by purchasing a new ring from one of our stores?

      With an extensive collection of jewellery, there is plenty of anniversary-worthy presents to pick. From solitaire diamond rings to sapphire necklaces, you’ll be sure to find a gift that will make her blush.

      If you prefer to stick to tradition, there is a yearly anniversary present list you can go off.

      With gifts for the 50th year being gold and the 25th being silver, our team can help find you a piece that will fit the occasion for these milestones and more.

      And a final tip – no matter what gift you decide on, don’t forget to add a bunch of romantic flowers for the finishing touch!

      Marriage Anniversary Traditional Gift
      1 Paper
      2 Cotton
      3 Leather
      4 Fruit or Flowers
      5 Wood
      6 Sweets or Iron
      7 Wool or Copper
      8 Bronze or Pottery
      9 Pottery & Willow
      10 Tin or Aluminium
      11 Steel
      12 Silk or Linen
      13 Lace
      14 Ivory
      15 Crystal
      20 Platinum
      25 Silver
      30 Pearl
      35 Coral
      40 Ruby
      45 Sapphire
      50 Gold
      55 Emerald
      60 Diamond
      Wedding anniversary gift

      Unique ways to celebrate your anniversary

      Looking for that extra wow factor? If you are planning to give them a big surprise or want to celebrate your milestone differently, there are several unique ways to go about your anniversary.

      One that many choose to do is a vow renewal. Not only is this a great way to gather all your loved ones around, but it is also a sweet gesture to commemorate your love as a couple. Whether you have a party or a quaint ceremony, this will undoubtedly rate as high as your wedding.

      Another way to pay tribute to your wedding anniversary is to visit the venue where you made it official.

      By going back to your wedding venue, you’ll be able to take in all the emotions and great memories this location holds. And if there is accommodation, see if you can stay the night to really take it all in!

      For something a little more out of the box, why not prepare a day trip? From hot-air ballooning to skydiving, an adrenaline trip will be a sure way to get their heart pumping!

      To make it even more of a surprise, don’t let them in on the plan. Instead, blindfold them and tell them what they need to wear and when to be ready!

      Or if you are feeling extra extravagant, a holiday may be the perfect way to celebrate. Booking that cruise trip you’ve been discussing for years or going back to where you spent your honeymoon are just some suggestions. Don’t be afraid to go crazy and all out for an anniversary that you’ll both love!

      Wedding anniversary celebration

      Are you ready to plan an anniversary you’ll never forget? Get to it!

      Once you finish booking your plans, get down to any of our three boutiques to find the ultimate gift for them. As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, we are guaranteed to have a present that they will love.

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