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      How early should you organise the ring and bands?

      Playing equally essential roles in your union, both the engagement ring and wedding bands are crucial to your overall wedding nuptials. While the engagement ring signifies the proposed marriage, the wedding bands symbolise your mutual eternal commitment to your joint relationship.

      Although both rings are meaningful, they need to be organised ahead of time before you need them! If you plan to propose or organise your wedding, you should understand the time required to prepare both individual elements.

      Make sure you are on the ball and prepared well in time by reading below.


      When to organise the engagement ring

      As an exciting moment in your life, proposing is the official starting point of your life together. This means you will want the proposal to go as planned without a hitch to retain the tremendous excitement and surprise.

      For a smooth proposal, make sure you have organised your engagement ring well in time before the actual proposal date. To be safe, we recommend starting the process at least three months before the day.

      This is especially important if you are looking for custom diamond engagement rings. Your jeweller should be given enough time to create the perfect ring. Countless alterations and deciding on design choices take time and effort when creating a custom engagement ring.

      If you are looking for a pre-made design, it is still advised to start the process of purchasing a ring three months before. Although you are not creating a bespoke ring, you still need ring size alterations to fit your partner.

      To put it in perspective, because of the delicate quality nature of the jewellery, even the slightest change can take multiple weeks. This makes time essential.

      When to organise the engagement ring

      When to get the wedding rings

      Fantastic news – you’ve proposed, they said yes and now you’ve got a wedding to plan! Because many elements need to be considered when planning a wedding, organising your wedding bands have a more critical nature.

      You need two rings rather than one for a wedding, making the search more challenging than the initial engagement ring hunt. Also, this time, you have a set date to work with that services and guests are depending on.

      Unlike a proposal, your wedding is a date you can’t push and must work with. As a featured asset in the all-important ceremony, you need your wedding rings present and ready to seal the deal.

      Because of the urgency to have your wedding bands ready in the time for the big day, we recommend organising your rings 4 months beforehand. This allows both bridal party members adequate time to browse for the right design and have the sizing adjusted as needed.

      When to get the wedding rings

      Where to get your engagement ring and wedding ring

      Looking for either the engagement ring or wedding bands? At Midas Jewellery, we offer a wide selection of both collections.

      With an array of engagement rings on show and our customisation services available, your options are endless.

      We can guarantee a design to suit your desired style. From vibrant sapphires and coloured diamonds to the more iconic white diamond classics, we offer a vast selection of stones available for engagement rings.

      As for wedding rings, we have numerous designs offered for both members of the bridal party. Our diamond wedding rings are available in both men and women collections, varying in styles. Offering featured stones, plain bands and patterned designs; you won’t need to go anywhere else.

      Midas Jewellery offers specific engagement rings that are already paired with a matching wedding ring for those who want to be organised in advance. Simplifying the process means if you select one of these sets, you already have half of the parties wedding band sorted. One less ring to sort and a fitted pairing!

      Where to get your engagement ring and wedding ring

      Now that you know the timelines of the whole affair, get planning! For an exciting chapter in your life, such as an engagement and wedding, you’ll want to make sure everything is in order.

      To browse engagement rings and wedding rings in Sydney, book an appointment with Midas Jewellery. With an exclusive range of designs, our team will guide you to your ideal designs.

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