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      Guide to low-key proposals

      When it comes to proposals, we’ve had plenty of discussions about what elements and possible locations your partner wants. While we often talk about those proposals that are extra and over-the-top, many women prefer a more casual or low-key proposal.

      At Midas, we are one of the leading engagement ring jewellers in Sydney, meaning we have heard about plenty of proposals in our lifetime.

      We have also met many gushing brides-to-be who have discussed how they absolutely adored their romantic, low-key proposal.

      Is your partner one who appreciates heartfelt gestures over elaborate materials? If your partner is private and cherishes the small thoughtful moments, then a low-key proposal might be your way to go!

      Need ideas on how you can make your low-key proposal a success? We help you gather some inspiration with our tips below!

      Make it a private moment

      As mentioned earlier, if your special someone keeps to themselves and prefers privacy, then an eventful proposal in the public eye might not be their style.

      Instead, you want to try and keep it an intimate moment between the two of you. This way, there will be no spotlight from strangers and they can feel comfortable being with the one they love the most.

      To make it a really private moment, we recommend choosing a private location. Whether it be your apartment or a secluded spot, the more privacy, the better.

      Think of a place where it will just be the two of you. We suggest a private corner in a park or a beach that doesn’t get much traffic. Avoid going to busy locations such as Darling Harbour or other popular tourist destinations.

      Home is where the heart is

      For a low-key proposal, you can never go wrong with popping the question at home. Not only is it a place where they can truly be themselves and feel most relaxed, but most of all, you don’t even need to leave the house!

      This is one of the most private locations you could get. If you have pets and children, this is also a great way to get them involved to make it special. Plus, being at home will make the proposal that little bit more of a surprise!

      Even though you are at home, there are many ways you can make the moment memorable yet subtle. Whether it is a sweet moment after you cook their favourite meal or a simple surprise during your morning pillow-talk on a Sunday, there are many ways to pop the question.

      Be creative! We recommend setting up an indoor picnic with their favourite movie. Extra points if you make it a treasure hunt through your property leading up to the big question!

      Keep it cute but simple

      Looking for a proposal that is small and no fuss? Stick to the basics! What is something that they’ll do without a doubt?

      From going on a walk with the dog to keeping the ring on the bedside table, there are many ways you can keep it simple yet sweet. By narrowing down and playing on a situation they do daily, you can guarantee them to come across your proposal.

      Now that you have the situation picked, think of HOW you will use it. Remember to stay minimal. So whether you just wait for them to find your message or simply fall onto one knee while on your evening walk, simple can still be adorable.

      Some ideas include putting the ring on your dog’s collar or writing a message at the bottom of their coffee for them to discover when they finish. The most basic actions can surely lead to the biggest surprises!

      Get a ring to suit the proposal

      If low-key is their preference, there is a good chance their fashion taste will match! This will carry through their clothes and jewellery preferences, meaning they may very well want a ring that oozes simplicity.

      A ring that is ideally suited for this would be one of our solitaire diamond rings. Not only is this category classic, but due to the gracefulness of the single diamond, they are also considered simple and refined.

      If you want to give one of these rings an extra dazzle without going over the top, we recommend one with a diamond band for that extra hint of brilliance.

      Found the right low-key proposal for you? Perfect! Now you’ve got the idea, come in and make it official with the ring itself.

      With one of the most exquisite collections of engagement rings found in Sydney, we’ll be sure to have a ring for your special someone. From simple to extravagant, you’ll find it in one of our Midas stores.

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