The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

It is no surprise that this diamond takes the top spot for popularity since this diamond cut is the most brilliant of all. With 58 facets, this kind of diamond can reflect light like no other. Often used in solitaire engagement rings, this style has won the hearts of brides across the world for generations. As gem cutting techniques improved, the round cut gradually became the most sparkly of them all. If you’re looking for something especially radiant, the a round brilliant should be one of the first things you consider.

Claw Set Solitaire Engagement Ring Composition

Featured gemstone

Traditionally, a solitaire engagement ring will feature a diamond in the popular round cut, but other diamond cuts or precious gemstones can also be used.


The claws fasten the featured gemstone in place, curling around the edges of the diamond, designed to provide security without preventing too much light from entering the surface of the stone.

Shank / Band

A range of different precious metals can be use in this design. Generally, platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold is used but the choice of metal should depend on the colour of your gemstone and the overall style you're after.

*A pavé feature can be used on the band for those wanting a little extra sparkle for their engagement ring.

4 Prong Setting

This kind of setting lets plenty of light into the diamond, allowing both sparkle and security. Normally,4 to 6 prongs are used with 6 providing greater security.

Round Brilliant Styles Collection

Pavé Band

Designs that feature a pavé detail add a delicate and eye-catching brilliance to the engagement ring. For something more unique than popular claw set designs, this could be the style of round brilliant engagement ring for you.


A diamond halo offers more than extra sparkle. The smaller white diamonds that encircles the featured gemstone enhance its size and draw attention to its brilliance.


Inspired by the elegant arches that adorn cathedrals, this setting raises the featured stone above the band. This allows your engagement ring to sit flush with other rings such as your wedding or eternity bands.

Side Stones

Side stones make a lovely addition to many diamond cuts and shapes. The versatility of the round brilliant means that it can be matched with a range of side stones from diamond baguettes to coloured gemstones.

Split Band

Split bands give structure and sleek style to round brilliant designs. When paired with a diamond pavé, this engagement ring setting creates a modern masterpiece that highlights the natural beauty of your centre stone.