The Pear Shape Diamond

The Pear Shape Diamond

The pear shape is a cross between round brilliants and marquise diamond cuts. With 58 facets, this kind of diamond is almost as brilliant as the round cut but with a more unusual shape. The pear shape is one of only two diamond cuts that are not symmetrical both horizontally and vertically. The elongated design of the pear shape makes it one of the most flattering diamond cuts along with emerald, marquise and oval. Despite being one of the more unusual designs, the pear shape is becoming popular amongst modern brides who appreciate its flattering shape and astounding shine.


Pear Shaped Diamond

This diamond combines the best elements of marquise and round brilliant cuts to create a gorgeous shape and sparkle.

Halo Setting

Smaller diamonds encircle the featured stone to enhance its size and brilliance.

Hidden Halo

The diamond halo provides a special detail. The extra sparkle enhances the look of the profile of any engagement ring.

Cathedral Setting

The appearance of this setting is similar to cathedral arches in the way that they support and secure the featured stone.

Half Pavé

Half pavé designs feature diamonds along the band across half the ring, creating additional sparkle and appeal without overpowering the design.