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        Fancy cut 101

        In the world of engagement rings, you can often hear terms that apply to a particular set of styles. Fancy cuts are one of these terms.

        Featuring unique styles, fancy cuts are often seen on the hands of celebrities we know and love.

        Esteemed for their individual and striking shapes, fancy cuts can enhance an engagement ring design, adding further character and sparkle.

        Not too sure what a fancy cut is? For all you need to know on fancy cut diamond engagement rings, keep reading below.

        What is a fancy cut diamond?

        When it comes to identifying fancy cuts, these basically include any cut that isn’t a brilliant round cut.

        This consists of those that have faceted patterns and are often seen in coloured diamonds or stones.

        Usually created when crystals have not formed properly, a diamond that is rough or has an awkward shape is sculptured into a symmetric ‘fancy’ cut.

        Once sculptured, a distinctive and unnatural shape is formed, hence, a fancy cut.

        Having distinct and unique styles, fancy cuts are often preferred today over the more traditional round cut. Amongst others, popular fancy cuts we often see include oval, emerald and pear.

        Original fancy cuts

        Original fancy cut
        What many people may not know is that fancy cuts have been around for centuries. Where there may be newer designs that have recently taken us by storm, there are classic cuts that are still often seen to this day.

        For instance, the pear shape is a cut that dates back to the 1400’s but is often graced upon hands today.

        Also known as a teardrop, this fancy cut is sculpted into the form of a raindrop.

        It has a round bottom that connects to a pointed tip at the top. This classic cut is often seen in modern times.

        Another fancy cut that is widely popular today is the emerald cut. Emerald cut engagement rings have a captivating design due to the faceted diamond.

        This cut is compatible with both diamond and sapphires as it has a long and wide shape that offers extensive coverage.

        Modern fancy cuts

        modern fancy cutWith several cuts created earlier in time, there are still a few cuts that have only recently seen a significant surge in popularity over the last few decades.

        A great example of this is the princess cut.

        A big competitor to the brilliant round diamond, a princess cut is a gorgeous style that many like to wear.

        Exuding a royal appeal, as noted in its name, this design has many facets due to its angled square-like design at the top and pointed sharp bottom.

        Another fancy cut that has been more recently introduced is the oval cut.

        As a great way to elongate the fingers, an oval cut diamond is strategically rounded to have a longer yet thinner appeal.

        Ideally suited with a halo setting, this cut can be designed in many ways.
        Fancy cut diamonds

        At Midas Jewellery, we offer an exquisite range of fancy cut diamond rings.

        Guaranteed to have the ideal engagement ring for her, we invite you to visit any of our three Sydney boutiques to explore our collection today.

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