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      Engagement rings for the minimalist

      Are you or the person in your life a minimalist when it comes to their fashion choices? From dainty pieces to simple yet straightforward designs, if minimalism is your select style, you’ll want to ensure you get an engagement ring that matches.

      While many consider extravagant, over-the-top designs to be the perfect engagement ring, sometimes it is the complete opposite. For those who prefer to keep it simple yet refined, Midas Jewellery has the ultimate selection.

      To see the ring features you should consider when shopping for a minimalistic engagement ring, keep reading below.


      Solitaire setting

      The solitaire setting is a classic choice and is often considered the epitome of simplicity. This is because its singular stone structure maintains a minimal appearance that focuses on the stone alone.

      Due to its classic shape, a round diamond cut would appeal as the most modest choice for a simple solitaire engagement ring design.

      An exemplary design for this would include our Classic Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring. Set in six claws, the round diamond sits unmissable upon a plain band. Short and sweet, this band is elegantly simple.

      Because of its straightforward nature, the solitaire setting can be well-paired with various diamond cuts beyond the round cut while still maintaining an understated fashion. Elongated shapes that include emerald, radiant and oval make for a recommended choice.

      Solitaire setting

      Plain bands

      Offering little distraction, plain bands are an excellent fit for those who desire a minimal design. Displaying a no-frills aesthetic, plain bands allow the choice of metal and stone to speak for themselves without any competitors in terms of attention.

      The Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond is the ultimate example. It demonstrates the power a plain band can have on a design. While a princess cut diamond sits at the centre, the smoothness of the band provides a cohesive piece that emphasises the singular stone.

      A simple smooth band can seem like an understated element but it effectively provides the blank canvas you desire. To add a hint of colour without it being overwhelming, selecting either yellow or rose gold metal makes for a sophisticated alternative to white gold.

      Plain bands

      Thin and dainty features

      When it comes to minimalistic fashion, a popular staple go-to style is dainty pieces. Due to its simple yet clean aesthetic and thin sizing, engagement ring features that follow these design aspects make for favoured pieces.

      In terms of engagement rings, our Elegant Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring beautifully incorporates thin elements in the design. Not only does it feature a slim pear shape cut diamond, but it is also paired with an elegantly pinched band. The tapered shape of the pinch band is noticeably slim and provides a narrow silhouette at the balanced yet minimalistic centre.

      A pinched or tapered band isn’t the only dainty aspect that can be incorporated into an engagement ring. In fact, miniature shaped side stones can also provide a flattering delicate element. On top of this, a faint inclusion of milgrain detailing can also create an underlying hint of refined style.

      Thin and dainty features

      Are you looking to explore our minimalistic engagement ring styles? Visit our website! With various styles, including the ones mentioned above on show, you can explore our designs to find one that fits your style.

      For a more select experience, our team would be more than happy to assist. One of our expert members can help you browse our diamond engagement rings to find minimalistic choices by booking an appointment.

      Alternatively, for a more bespoke design, we can utilise our custom design services to create the minimalist engagement ring of your dreams. Guided by your requirements and created through our expertise, we can produce a ring that will fulfil all your desires.

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