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      Engagement rings: Buying before vs after the proposal

      Traditionally, engagement rings are usually purchased before a proposal, making it as much of a surprise as the proposal itself. This way, the partner can find the perfect ring they think their loved one would adore.

      However, times have changed, with couples opting to purchase the ring together after the proposal. This way, their partner can choose their ring, ensuring it is a design they’ll want to wear forever.

      While the two differ, both remain romantic and exciting! But of course, you need to decide which proposal style would be best for you, bringing the big question: When will you buy your ring?

      To help you make your decision, we are comparing the two, allowing you to pick whether you will propose with the ring or wait until after.

      Proposing with an engagement ring


      When you propose with an engagement ring, you are following tradition. If your future spouse is traditional and is a bit of an old soul, they are more than likely to appreciate the old ways.

      More importantly, having an engagement ring involved in the proposal will ensure the action is grand.

      As a significant symbol in a relationship, an engagement ring holds high importance, making the commitment a little bit more official.


      Proposing with a ring is a great surprise, but unfortunately, partners can miss the mark with the design.

      This may leave room for disappointment if the style isn’t what the partner would have liked.

      Luckily, with Midas Jewellery, we can allow you to swap and select a ring of her choice, as long as the ring is in perfect condition.

      Another thing people may consider a con is that with an engagement ring involved, the proposal will have more pressure.

      With such an investment, a diamond engagement ring holds high value, making it more critical for you to get a ‘yes!’ rather than a genuine natural response.

      Proposing without an engagement ring


      The biggest perk of proposing without a ring is that there is no room for disappointment!

      As well as you may know your partner, it can be hard selecting a ring they will want to wear forever. By having the opportunity to choose their ring, your partner can find the ideal design for them, whether it be a princess cut or sapphire and diamond ring.

      Plus, with such a wide selection like ours, there really is no room for disappointment!

      While following traditions may be sweet, not everyone is well-suited for these. Instead, some are more open to modern trends such as purchasing the ring afterwards.

      By proposing without a ring, there is no pressure of commitment, allowing the proposal to feel more comfortable and less forced. This is perfect for those who are laid-back and want to propose at the right moment!


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      The most significant disadvantage is that the engagement ring won’t be a surprise.

      Even if it isn’t what you would have picked initially, an engagement ring is still a pleasant surprise. It is specially picked by your partner after all!

      It also allows you to see how well they know you and whether they have picked up your hints!

      Another con is that selecting your ring after the proposal will mean you know how much your partner spent. By picking a ring together, you will be exposed to the pricing, possibly feeling guilty and settling for a ring only because of the price.

      Or worst of all, you find the ideal ring, but it is too expensive! Ignorance is truly bliss!

      Now the score is settled, have you picked the method you prefer? Whether you want more of a surprise or a simpler proposal, there is an option that will perfectly suit you and your partner!

      No matter what you pick, Midas Jewellery can help you select an engagement ring! Whether it be before or after the proposal, we will assist you in making the best choice possible.

      With one of the most extensive collections of engagement rings in Sydney, we can guarantee we have a ring for your partner to adore.

      Furthermore, we offer customisation services by our master jewellers. This way, we can undoubtedly deliver your partner their dream ring.

      To book an appointment with a master jeweller, enquire with any of our three Sydney stores today.

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