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        Engagement ring spotlight: The cushion cut

        Cushion cut engagement rings have won the hearts of brides for generations. Incorporating the best features of the old mine cut and the round brilliant, this style provides a unique sparkle that is truly captivating. If you’re considering a cushion cut engagement ring, here is some more information to help you make the right decision and find your perfect match at Midas Jewellery.


        Having been around for more than 300 years, this is one of the oldest fancy diamond cuts available today. The cushion cut, previously known as the mine cut, was most popular between the early 1800s and early 1900s. The facets were arranged to sparkle in dim light, so that jewellery admired under candlelight had a sparkle as impressive as diamond engagement rings in the day. The cushion cut engagement rings you see at Midas Jewellery today, feature gemstones using a combination of the old mine and brilliant cuts to produce an elegant and understated sparkle with elements inspired by antique treasures.


        The rounded edges of cushion cut engagement rings provide a softer style that appeals to those who want a refined appearance or love the vintage look. The edges capture and reflect a rainbow of light, producing a different sparkle to that of the round brilliant. Within the cushion cut category there are several different kinds, the main two created by Midas are described as the “chunky cut” and the “crushed ice cut”. From the top of the stone, the “chunky cut” appears to join in an X at the centre whereas in the “crushed ice cut”, the facets appear to be randomly organised giving the appearance of crushed ice or broken glass.

        Why it’s popular

        Cushion cut engagement rings are popular amongst many brides, particularly those who love vintage designs. When paired with a rose gold and ornate pavé detailing, the style presents a romantic and feminine feel inspired by beautiful elements of vintage styling. Cushion cut engagement rings in Sydney are also practical as the rounded edges are less likely to chip or catch on clothing. They are also chosen for their affordability, typically priced significantly lower than round brilliant diamonds. From vintage to emerald cushion cut engagement rings, there are many popular rings in this style.

        We have designed a range of stunning classic solitaire engagement rings for our clients to love for a lifetime. No matter what your style is, Midas Jewellery can create the perfect solitaire engagement ring for you or your loved one. Visit one of our boutique stores or book an appointment online with one of our master jewellers in Sydney to start your search for the perfect engagement ring.

        cushion cut engagement ring

        Midas Jewellery has some of the most beautiful cushion cut engagement rings in Australia. With master jewellers in each boutique to help you every step of the way, we can make the design process simple and give you a finishing product to adore for a lifetime. Visit us in store at one of our award-winning Westfield boutiques to start your search for the perfect engagement ring today.

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