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      Engagement ring spotlight: Split band

      For a ring with a sophisticated structure that differs from others, a split band engagement ring might be the jewellery piece you are searching for. A generous design that offers an elaborate style, this setting is perfect for the woman who appreciates security.

      Want to learn more about the split band? Read below to discover important information about this elusive design.


      What is a split band?

      Also known as the split shank, a split band is a ring design where the metal literally splits into two or more stands. This can be identified by the band metal going into different directions at the shank. Where it is generally a solid band at the bottom, the metal will split once reaching the crown diamond.

      Due to the split in the metal, this gives an illusion of two separate bands being used. Generally, this is enforced by the gap that is inflicted on the splitting metal strands before they both connect to the diamond.

      Is it popular?

      The design of the ring is what makes it unique compared to original styles that have a solid band. Because of its exceptional design, this seems to make the split band a popular choice amongst our range of diamond engagement rings.

      The split band design also has further appeal as it accentuates the centre diamond, making it look enlarged compared to other rings. Because the metal makes the ring look wider without using a thick band, designs adorned with larger diamonds are further balanced. We find that because of this, many of our clients tend to go for this look as it accentuates the hand and gives a grand impression.

      Aside from that, the split band is also very practical. Since it can hold larger diamonds whilst using a thin band, it is not only more comfortable to wear but provides more support to the diamond as well. With a split metal framing the diamond, it enforces more stability and decreases the chances of the setting to bend, making it perfect for rings with large gems.

      What to look for in a split band engagement ring

      When looking for a split band engagement ring, there are a few things you will want to consider or enquire about. Firstly, depending on your preferences, you should have a close look at the band’s design. This means checking how many splits the metal has as it can have more than just two. You should ask to see the options your jeweller offers.

      Talking about the split options, you should investigate the split itself. When browsing for rings, you’ll want to thoroughly look at the design as there are many elements involved. With many designs on offer, remember to check the depth of the split and its shape. The split band comes in different styles so it’s essential to choose the design carefully.

      In terms of structure and strength, some important elements you’ll want to consider is the width of the splits and their attachment to the diamond. The metal should be proportional enough to support the diamond and should have a solid connection with it. This is extremely important for large stones and designs like emerald cut engagement rings.

      Interested in picking and designing a split band engagement ring? As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, we love helping our clients find their perfect engagement ring. We invite you to come and browse our collection at one of our boutiques today.

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