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      Engagement ring spotlight: Halo engagement rings

      If you’re looking for a modern take on a vintage ring that is a crowd favourite, the halo design would be perfect for your engagement ring. One of the most sought-after designs when it comes to diamond engagement rings, the halo ring is a must-have for the modern-day bride who wants a ring that is as sophisticated and elegant as herself.

      For more information on halo engagement rings, continue reading below.

      What is the halo setting?

      Named after its design, the halo ring setting is a chic and elegant design that can be identified by its centre diamond, surrounded by smaller round pave diamonds in what is described as a halo-like picture frame. If you are looking for a ring that emphasises and enhances the centre gemstone, the halo ring is the perfect design. With sources tracing it back to the eighteen hundreds, this ring has certainly evolved over time since its original Victorian design.

      Since it first was seen, the ring has undergone many changes in colour over time. Largely impacted in the mid-nineteen hundreds by the popular Gatsby era, halo rings were commonly encrusted in colourful jewels to create a unique and bold design. Now, the ring has evolved since the Art Deco period and dropped the colourful jewels to create a modern classic generally using colourless diamonds.

      Is it popular?

      Halo ring designs have recently increased in popularity over the last decade. A setting that literally frames the main diamond, this is one of the most elegant ring designs that will complement any hand it is on. Due to the many different shapes, the halo setting can be created to fit, meaning this is a ring that most women can wear as it accentuates all finger sizes and lengths.

      Recently featured in notable engagements of celebrities such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, the halo design has seen a large amount of interest following their proposal. A ring that is literally fit for royalty, this is a popular design as it can be tailored in multiple ways from shapes to sizes.

      With the endless ways of designs, regardless of which carat diamond is chosen for the centre position, this ring will always look enchanting and enlarged in this ring setting; another reason it is a popular choice.

      What to look for in a halo diamond engagement ring?

      If you’re looking at halo set diamond rings, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. With the amount of micro-pave diamonds that are incorporated in the designs, you’ll want to go to a jeweller who has superior craftsmanship. Due to the expected daily wear of halo engagement rings, the design will need to have a secure hold to ensure diamonds don’t go loose.

      When you shop at Midas Jewellery, our master jewellers are professionals in securing and perfecting designs of engagement rings like the halo design. We can ensure you the diamonds will withhold everyday wear and tear and will stay in place.

      Furthermore, you will also want to have a look at the shape and cuts of the diamonds used on the halo setting. Mentioned above, the halo design will generally match and look exquisite with most shapes and cuts. However, you will want to look at it paired with the cushion cut and pear-shaped diamonds. As seen on our popular engagement ring, the Pear Brilliant with seamless claw set halo, it is a modern classic that will make any heart skip a beat.

      To help you choose or create the ultimate halo engagement ring, see the infographic below.


      For some of the most stunning engagement rings in Sydney, you’ll want to see the collection of beautiful halo engagement rings we offer at Midas. We invite you to browse through our collection at one of our Sydney boutique locations or book an appointment to design a bespoke engagement ring with our master jewellers today.

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