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      Engagement ring do’s and don’ts

      The big moment is here. The question has been asked and an engagement ring has been gifted. Congratulations! As a significant milestone for you as a couple, your engagement will be one of the most exciting moments in your relationship.

      Now that your or your partner popped the question, there is a significant part in your engagement that you want to make sure is taken care of from the get-go – your new engagement ring. Whether you or your partner proposed, you want to make sure the all-important engagement ring is handled correctly from this point onwards.

      As one of the leading jewellers for engagement rings in Sydney, we know how critical it is to care for your ring from the very start. Not only is it a symbol of your love and commitment, but it is a personal item that is incredibly valuable. 

      Naturally, you’ll want to ensure you do what you can to preserve the ring and avoid it from tarnishing or getting damaged.

      To discover the simple yet vital engagement ring do’s and don’ts, read below!


      Engagement ring do’s

      Do invest in insurance for your ring

      After receiving an engagement ring (if it hasn’t been organised already), the first thing you should do is purchase insurance to cover your ring. 

      It is essential jewellery pieces such as diamond engagement rings are insured, especially with the monetary value they have.

      Incredibly sentimental, your engagement ring is an invaluable piece that holds high importance in your relationship. As it is a cherished possession, it would be heartbreaking to lose or have your engagement ring stolen. On the off chance an event does happen, you must have insurance to soften the blow.

      By having insurance on your ring to fall back on, you will find peace of mind knowing you will have an easier time organising a replacement. 

      There are different options when it comes to insuring your ring. To help you find the best solution, we explained what you need to know about ring insurance here.

      Do make use of your packing for storage

      When first getting your engagement ring, make sure you keep the original box it came in. This will come in handy when it comes to storing your ring.

      Although there are many different jewellery storage ideas out there, especially nowadays with the internet, the original ring box is the best form of storage. Not only does this give your ring a designated spot, but it keeps it separate from the rest of your collection.

      It is vital to keep your ring stored away from other jewellery pieces, as this will deter any abrasions from other stones or metals. Plus, it will keep your ring from getting lost.

      Do make use of your packing for storage

      Do regularly check your ring condition

      Through the entirety of its lifespan, you must keep an eye on the condition of your ring. As a precious item with stones involved, it is not uncommon for a ring to need a slight adjustment after a while.

      By frequently giving your ring a thorough inspection every few months, you will be able to ensure it is maintained to its highest quality. On top of this, you can ensure it stays as close to the original condition. Keeping an eye on your ring will also avoid any breakage, scratches or other damages from happening.

      When inspecting your ring, you should look at the stones and settings. This way, you can see if anything looks amiss or if something is loose. If you do find something needs adjusting, take it back to the original jeweller for maintenance.

      Do frequently get your engagement ring professionally cleaned

      To maintain the sparkle, you must frequently clean your ring. Over time, it is expected that your ring will get dirtied, making it essential you tend to it every now and again to maintain the brilliance and shine.

      On a daily basis, an engagement ring will come into contact with common dirt particles and chemicals, ranging from beauty products to foods and liquids. This creates a build-up which can dirty your ring, especially the stone.

      While you can clean your ring with a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid at home, it is recommended you rely on the professionals for an expert clean. 

      When you purchase your ring from Midas Jewellery, you will have access to our free lifetime cleaning service. This way, you can get a thorough clean from a specialist who knows what they are doing.

      Engagement ring don’ts

      Don’t wear your ring when exercising or doing chores 

      While it’s a proud accessory that you’ll love to embrace always, there are certain times and situations in everyday life where you should not wear your engagement ring. 

      Central moments include when you are exercising or when you are doing harsh or dirty chores. When it comes to exercising, your engagement ring is in danger of being damaged or lost due to heavy sweat. Same goes for household duties such as cleaning or gardening, where it is prone to getting dirty or impacted by heavy chemicals.

      You should opt to take your ring off when you go to the beach, have a shower or go to high-activity locations such as a theme park or bowling alley. During these times, it is best to keep your ring in a safe area such as its box or temporarily in a pocket or zipped-up bag.

      Don’t touch any of the stones

      Although it may be hard to resist, it is best to refrain from touching both the main and featured stones in your ring.

      Precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires are magnets for oil and dirt. This means each time you touch or rub it against surfaces or materials; it is becoming dirtier by the minute. 

      Constant contact can result in diminishing the natural brilliance, making the stone appear cloudy. It can even result in dirt getting stuck underneath.

      To avoid this from occurring, you should deter from touching the stones. Requesting people not to touch the stone when admiring the ring is also recommended. When taking off your ring, you should grab the band on either side, rather than gripping the rock.

      Don’t remove your ring in public places

      When wearing your engagement ring, make sure you don’t take it off in a public setting!

      Removing your engagement ring when out and about increases the chances of misplacing it. This can be a tragedy if you lose it, especially in a busy place or large area.

      Taking it off in public can also put your ring at risk of being damaged, whether it be stood on or hit by other objects. On top of this, it can also inflate the possibility of having it stolen, giving thieves an easier opportunity to grab it if left alone.

      Don’t leave your ring around the house

      It is good practice to take off your ring during specific tasks such as cooking or cleaning. However, you should not just leave your ring around the house when doing your chores.

      Not only does this leave your ring vulnerable to dust and getting damaged, but it can easily be misplaced or lost within your home. If lying around on a bench near a sink or bin, it could fall or get lost permanently.

      Instead of just leaving your ring around the home, it is best to have designated spots for your ring where it can be safe. Whether it is the original packaging or a ring dish, there should be nearby places around the house you can rely on instead of putting the ring in random places.

      Do you have further enquiries about your engagement ring? Check out our website! As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, we have plenty of expert industry knowledge that we often love to share.

      To find out more about our services or to witness some of our dazzling products, visit our website or drop into one of our three Sydney boutiques.

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