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      Earring styles and what they suit

      With so many styles of jewellery available, it can be confusing to know what style suits which event. From weddings to your everyday work ensemble, some designs are more appropriate than others. When it comes to earrings, this is no different! There are many styles that suit certain occasions better than others.

      Midas Jewellery is backed by years of knowledge in the jewellery industry, so we know all about earrings and where they are best worn.

      Want to broaden your jewellery collection or simply want to know which style is best for your next event? Keep reading below!


      Pearl earrings

      A true classic, pearl earrings are a symbol of class and romance. It is the perfect choice for a style that is ultimately timeless. Our collection of pearl earrings is appropriate for a range of events—from work to cocktail dinners. These also make a popular selection for bridal jewellery.

      Our collection showcases many pearl pieces that will make any heart swoon. For a sweet and subtle look, we recommend our Pearl and Diamond Earrings. It is a set of studs that focuses on luminous round South Sea pearls, complemented by adjoining stunning four claw set diamonds. This is a great piece for those going for a simple classic style.

      If you are after something a little more extravagant but equally enchanting, you will love our Rose Gold Pearl Drop and Diamond Earrings. Showcasing rose gold strands that are encrusted by a diamond pavé, this drop style is accentuated by the South Sea pearls that hang from the bottom. With its generous mix of pearls and diamonds, this style is perfect for your next cocktail dinner.

      • Pearl and Diamond Earrings
      • Pearl earrings - Monika Clarke
      • Rose Gold Pearl Drop and Diamond Earrings

      Drop earrings

      Having an eye-catching design, a pair of drop earrings is a great choice if you were looking to add some character to your ensemble. From ideal wedding jewellery to the perfect pair for your next date night, drop earrings are a fashion must-have for many occasions.

      For a divine pair of earrings that would be perfect for the bride or even just a guest, the Sparkling Drop Earrings are astonishing, made for extravagant events like a wedding. These decadent drop earrings are the perfect statement piece. With the entire surface covered in brilliant micro pavés, this is a show-stopping piece that will have all eyes on you.

      A pair that will truly add to the beholder’s beauty, the Claw Set Brilliant Cut Diamonds, is a stunning set that will be the perfect addition to your outfit for your next date night. Also a great option for formal attire, these drop earrings are the perfect balance of micro pavé and claw set cut diamonds. Created from pure craftsmanship, this is a match for any ensemble.

      • Sparkling Drop Earrings
      • Claw Set Brilliant Cut Diamonds


      Stud earrings

      Known for its simplicity, stud earrings are a great style for the workplace. Elegant and subtle, this design is sophisticated enough to be appropriate for formal events but casual enough for your everyday piece. From business meetings to your normal day-to-day activities, this is a great way to add charm to your outfit.

      At Midas Jewellery, our Elegant Set with Marquise Diamond is perfect for your next formal event or casual outing. With a flower-like design, this dainty set is made of stunning marquise diamonds that will complement most outfits.

      • Elegant Set with Marquise Diamond

      Coloured designs

      A more daring style for those who want to add vibrancy to their look are earrings that feature colour. At Midas, we offer plenty of colour-based earrings that will add variety to your outfit. From parties to balls, coloured earrings can be used in many settings.

      The Bright Pink Tourmaline is a prime example of a colour-focused earring. This pear-shaped design features a delicate pink tourmaline that is framed in a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. The perfect accessory to add colour to your next formal ensemble, this is definitely one you will want to witness.

      Are you after something that will let you stand out from the crowd? We invite you to explore our range of yellow diamond jewellery pieces. Our Yellow Diamond Earrings is an exemplary pair of earrings that are perfect for those who are confident and bold. With a yellow cushion cut diamond highlighted by white round diamonds, this is the perfect combination of colour to add to your collection.

      • Bright Pink Tourmaline
      • Yellow Diamond Earrings
      • Yellow diamond earrings - Monika Clarke



      Found a pair of earrings that you want to wear? Come visit one of our Sydney boutiques to speak to our experienced staff. Our team will help you discover our exclusive range and find the pair you’ll adore for your next big event.

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