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      Dropping proposal hints and how to do it

      Are you at the age where you suddenly find all your girlfriends settling down and getting married or engaged? Have you got ring envy and have been waiting for what seems like ages for your partner to pop the question? Don’t worry, it is more common than you think!

      With all the beautiful diamond engagement rings appearing all over your social media feed, it isn’t unusual to feel a little jealous. If you’re looking to drop some hints and give your partner an idea of the kind of ring you want and when you want it, continue to read below.



      A shopping trip is a great opportunity to not only drop a hint about wanting to get engaged – but to also give an idea of what style of ring you like. Next time you find yourself at the shops on the weekend with your special one, take a detour past a jewellery store.

      For example, our store windows are always packed with our exquisite engagement rings and bridal jewellery. Strolling past and pointing at rings while making comments about how nice a ring is or comparing it to someone else’s ring is a straightforward yet subtle way of hinting to your man.

      If you are comfortable to do so and want to one-up this method, why not go into the actual store? Speaking to one of our master jewellers and browsing through our range and even trying on a ring could be a very big hint to your partner. And a bonus for you, you’ll get to see which ring suits you best!

      Diamond engagement ring

      Show and tell

      Now for this, there are several ways you could go with it. One of the simplest ways is to stroll through your social media and find an engagement ring or announcement. With the post, you can send it to your partner or if they are next to you, show them. Rave about how gorgeous the ring is or how cute the proposal was so they can hopefully pick up that you have wedding fever.

      If you can’t find a post on your social media, show him a jeweller’s Instagram page or website! Our Midas Jewellery Instagram page is covered with extravagant customer proposals and glamourous rings. You could easily show our website or Instagram as a proposal example to drop the hint to him.

      Another way is to bring your friends or family into it. Show your partner one of your friend’s engagement ring and hint how you love it. To make a solid hint, get the family member or friend to ask your partner when they are finally going to pop the question.

      Romantic marriage proposal

      Be honest

      They say honesty is the best policy, and if your partner is a no-nonsense person who doesn’t like to beat around the bush – be honest with them. This method can be effective and straightforward depending on what kind of people they are. This might even give you the answer you want.

      If you bring up your future and discuss when they want to get engaged and married, this might motivate them to start considering a proposal. Being straight up about what you want and wanting to get engaged soon could be the most effective method and give you a good idea whether you and your partner want the same thing.

      This could also be a good idea for discussing the type of ring you like. If you are comfortable enough, discussing which style of engagement ring you do or don’t like is a great way to ensure you get the proposal and ring of your dreams.

      Newly engaged couple

      Another option if the above aren’t the right methods for you? Don’t wait, propose yourself! We live in a time where the woman proposing isn’t out of the norm and is socially acceptable. And the bonus is you’ll get to choose the right engagement ring yourself!

      Here at Midas Jewellery, we have some of the most enchanting engagement rings in Sydney. To explore our gorgeous selection of bespoke engagement rings, come visit one of our Sydney boutiques to speak with one of our master jewellers and create the ring of your dreams.

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