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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Different types of jewellery you need in your collection

      Have some time to kill? Now is the perfect time to go through your jewellery collection if you haven’t done so in the past few years. It is an excellent way to keep yourself occupied – and an even better reason to go jewellery shopping online!

      As you go through and declutter your jewellery box, we advise you to have a look and see the type of jewellery you have. Is your collection very much the same? To ensure you are ready for any future event, you need a variety of jewellery ready to go.

      Generally, there are three categories of jewellery your collection should cover. Read below to identify the pieces you need to get across in your jewellery box!

      Practical jewellery

      You can never have too much practical jewellery!

      This type of jewellery should never be left out of your collection. You want pieces that you can wear for those days you are unsure of what might happen. From picnics that might result in a friendly but competitive game of cricket to a spontaneous date that could be a night of running around at a theme park – you need sturdy accessories.

      Dainty is all well and fine for the more elegant events, but when it comes to practical pieces, you need tough ones that won’t fall off after a few knocks.

      Need ideas? We suggest simple bracelets that aren’t too complicated. Or for something that definitely won’t get caught, stud earrings will surely to do the trick.

      An exemplary piece of practical jewellery is our Elegant Tennis Bracelet. While it may seem dainty, a tennis bracelet can be decently thick, allowing it to have a sturdy and resilient nature. Due to its robust design, this piece would survive any unplanned practical activities you may encounter on a trip out.

      Need something that has no chance of coming into contact with other objects? Our Elegant Set with Marquise Diamonds makes the ultimate selection. Not only are these studs a pair of earrings that won’t dangle – they also have a gorgeous flower design that you wouldn’t have to worry about taking off during that weekend yoga session.

      Practical jewellery

      Everyday pieces

      Everyday pieces should always hold a place in your jewellery collection. Not only will they generally see the most use, but they also play the role as your reliable go-to options for your daily errands and work style.

      True to the name, everyday jewellery should be a piece that can be worn each day – and one that can pair with your diamond engagement ring, which also sees daily wear. This means subtle jewellery that won’t look too dressy for grocery shopping and pieces that will go with just about every outfit you would wear.

      Looking for something that you could wear every day? Our Diamond Heart Pendant will make your heart sing! Featuring a lovely design that can go with practically any outfit, this diamond heart pendant is a sweet yet simple necklace that will get you through any day.

      Are you more of an earrings kind of girl? Studs are a design you could pull off for anything – whether it be work or a doctor’s appointment. Our Pearl and Diamond Earrings can deliver you regular wear that is appropriate for everyday use! With a lustrous pearl connected to the four-clawed brilliant diamond, this look is elegant and simple without being too much!

      Everyday jewellery pieces

      Statement jewellery

      When it comes to your jewellery box, simplicity can be nice, but it won’t be your answer to every occasion. There are just some events and outfits you really need to spice up. In these cases, ensembles need to be perfected with bold and heavy pieces to shake it up and really project your personality.

      If making a statement was what you were after, then you should have statement pieces waiting on standby in your jewellery box. This type of jewellery can come in the form of chunky designs or bright colours that can’t help but catch the eyes of those around it. From necklaces to rings, making a statement has never been so easy.

      A piece no one could resist stealing a glance at is the Vintage Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring. A sapphire and diamond ring that both radiates and oozes luxury, you couldn’t find a more prominent character to grace your hand. The centre oval Ceylon sapphire is framed by a halo of diamonds and topped off by detailed milgrain finish, making this ring the perfect solution for those looking to break up their plain outfit and make their mark.

      Are you looking for something a little bigger? Then you’ll love our Glorious Emerald with Double Diamond Halo! Surrounded by a double-decker halo of brilliant white diamonds, this necklace pendant features a daring green emerald at centre stage. Completed with a bail set with 57 brilliant round diamonds in a pavé setting, this pendant is sure to make a grand entrance at any event.

      Statement jewellery

      Now you know the three crucial categories your jewellery box should cover; it is time to step up your jewellery game.

      Have you identified where your jewellery collection is lacking? No need to fear, Midas Jewellery has all your looks covered! As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, our selection is exclusive to our three Sydney boutiques, making them a collection unlike any other.

      Looking to find what your jewellery box is missing? Avoid any future fashion crisis and visit our website today to find the styles you need!

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