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      Different engagement ring settings

      When it comes to searching for the perfect engagement ring, there are many factors to consider. From the stone cut to the metal, there are many aspects you can explore on your trek to finding THE ring.

      However, one crucial consideration is the ring setting. A term you may have heard a lot when shopping for engagement rings. The ring setting is the method in which the gemstones are set in the metal band. 

      There are plenty of setting options out there. Solitaire, halo and three-stone (also known as a trilogy), to name a few of the most popular ones. 

      Not sure which setting is best suited for you and your dream ring? Decipher the suitable style by learning more about the different engagement ring settings below.



      The original classic, the solitaire setting is a timeless setting that belongs to the prong family. It has been favoured by brides for well over a century now.

      The solitaire style, most famous of all, focuses on one single stone. Due to this simplicity, a solitaire diamond ring is a design many prefer for their engagement ring as it provides emphasis on the diamond with little to no distractions.


      Three-stone (Trilogy)

      The most symbolic setting of all, the three-stone setting, is a gracious style that makes for a meaningful choice as an engagement ring.

      With three main stones, each one represents a stage in a couple’s relationship – the past, present and future. It possesses a romantic motion and provides a large amount of sparkle for the beholder, making it a sophisticated choice for any bride.

      Three-stone (Trilogy)


      Not far from solitaire in terms of popularity, the halo setting is also a favoured style that sees more and more use over time. Tracing back to the Art Deco period, halo engagement rings make for a delightful design.

      True to its name, the halo setting is precisely that – a ring of stones that frame the centre stone. This setting is perfect for smaller centre stones since the halo of diamonds creates an illusion of a bigger diamond. 

      It is a great way to emphasise and make the main diamond more prominent. Plus, it also provides an extra sparkle for those looking for further brilliance.



      A modern fashion, the pavé setting is a nice additional setting that is mainly utilised for the smaller stones on a band.

      Held by tiny prongs, the pavé setting places diamonds side by side in close proximity to create a seamless diamond pathway. Resulting in a stunning effect, this allows a generous amount of brilliance to be added to a ring, bringing added sparkle to the overall design.



      Creating a channel of diamonds, the channel setting is another feature that can be added to the band of a ring or the shoulders of an engagement ring design. Like the pavé, this setting creates a tight-knit path of diamonds; however, it differs from how the stones are set.

      The channel uses a thicker and more secure setting. It provides better protection as it allows the diamonds to be arranged side by side without any interference. Instead of having the metal work around the outside edges of the stones. 

      With tight metal barriers on either side of the diamond rows, a more stable position is produced, resulting in a smooth exterior surface.


      While we offer a large selection of these settings within our engagement rings collection, we also provide our exclusive bespoke engagement ring customisation service. 

      This means we can design and produce a ring with a setting of your choice.

      Find or create the ring of your dreams with the right setting at Midas Jewellery. When visiting one of our three Sydney boutiques, you’ll find the right ring with our team.

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