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      Difference between metals

      When shopping for wedding bands or engagement rings in Sydney, Midas Jewellery has plenty of options for you to select from. Not only do we utilise a wide range of diamonds and gems, but we also have a variety of metals to choose from.

      With multiple metals on offer, it can be hard understanding the difference between each one, let alone choosing the right one for you.

      Need to understand what each metal is? Or are you looking to narrow down which one would best suit you?

      Whatever you want to get from exploring different metals, keep reading below!


      Often seen in men’s wedding bands, platinum is a crowd favourite thanks to its heavy-duty nature.

      Not only is it a rare material that is exceptionally strong, but its naturally white sheen is a tough barrier as well, assuring its colour doesn’t fade or change over time.

      If you are looking for a ring that will last a lifetime, platinum bands would make the ultimate choice. With plenty of platinum bands—from couple sets to men’s wedding rings—we can help you make the right selection.

      Platinum - Round Diamond Wedding Band

      Yellow gold

      A classic metal, yellow gold lives up to its name. Because pure gold is too malleable in its natural state, an alloy of natural gold and particular metals are blended. Once mixed, a rich tone is produced, creating the iconic rich yellow colouring gold metal is known for.

      Despite its alloyed blend, yellow gold makes for a gorgeous metal in engagement rings and wedding bands.

      Due to its more natural combination, this is a better metal for those with sensitive skin. However, it is essential to remember this is a precious metal and will need regular cleaning and polishing during its lifetime to avoid loss of its lustre.

      Yellow Gold - QF1382 Men’s Wedding Band

      White gold

      Love silver but want the strength of a gold ring? White gold is the answer for you! The result of pure yellow gold alloyed with white metals; white gold is a gorgeous choice for those looking for a lighter ring colour.

      Generally finished with a coated layer of rhodium, this metal holds a brilliant lustre. Just like yellow gold, white gold rings are a precious metal.

      Although they are more durable and less susceptible to scratches and markings, this metal will still need maintenance throughout its lifetime to retain its beauty.

      White Gold - 246929 Women’s & 270429 Men’s Wedding Bands

      Rose gold

      Like yellow and white, rose gold metal is based off a gold alloy.

      Rose gold is the product of copper mixed with gold. It carries a soft, romantic pink tone that is increasingly becoming more and more favoured in the jewellery world.

      While it may be a blend, this gold-based metal is still durable—in fact, even stronger than its fellow gold-based metals—making it ideal for engagement rings and wedding bands. Showcasing a feminine style, rose gold is perfect for those looking for a sophisticated yet vintage-looking metal.

      Rose Gold - Round Cut Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Band


      Naturally white, palladium holds a similar appearance to platinum, falling under the platinum metals family.

      Despite not being rhodium plated, this metal still has a bright colouring that will remain white for its entire lifetime.

      Palladium is slightly less resistant to scratching, but still remains extremely strong. This metal is also very light, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance band.

      Palladium - 0246829 Women’s & 0274173 Men’s Wedding Bands


      In need of a durable wedding band? Titanium is a fantastic choice for those looking for a metal that will survive the wear and tear of every day.

      Perfect for those who are more active, this precious metal is light yet resistant to scratches and markings.

      With a grey appearance, titanium is a common choice for men’s wedding rings. Not only is it heat resistant, which is ideal for work and everyday wear, but it is also the ultimate metal for sensitive skin as it is highly hypoallergenic.



      Although it isn’t a common metal used in rings, stainless steel can be favoured by those who are looking for a low maintenance ring.

      This metal is extremely easy to clean and is resistant to smudges and stains.

      As it is tarnish-free and extremely durable, steel will appeal to those who can tend to be rough or have a hands-on job. Plus, it is also comfortable and light to wear!


      Now you know about the commonly used metals in diamond engagement and wedding rings, it is now time to go ahead and pick the one you want!

      Arrange an appointment at any of our three Midas boutiques so our expert team can help you find the right design for you and your partner. Whether you prefer white gold or platinum, we can lead you to the ideal ring!

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