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      Defining engagement ring lingo

      When it comes to engagement rings, there can be a lot of lingo thrown around. At Midas Jewellery, we are professionals when it comes to all things jewellery, so of course, we understand the terminology.

      However, we do know that when it comes to looking for the ultimate engagement ring in not just Sydney, but across the globe, a lot of customers may get lost when it comes to ring language.

      Don’t stress, here we come to save the day! If you need clarification on what certain things mean, then keep reading below to learn all about engagement rings.

      Ring details

      When searching for the perfect engagement ring, a lot of terminology around what you should look out for is discussed. As stated in our diamond education, an important factor that is mentioned often is the 4Cs.

      The 4Cs consist of clarity, cut, colour and carat weight. This covers the different colours and clarity of the diamonds, the quality of the cut and the size of the diamond itself. The 4Cs are used to evaluate the diamond and are a great way to determine what diamond one requires in their design.

      As for other ring details, you may have had people refer to different parts of the ring by name. From crowns of the ring to the pavilion, the terminology is easy to understand once explained.

      Known as the crown of the ring, this term refers to the top. Just like a crown, this part of the ring sits at the top and is usually the focal point of the design. Not to get confused with the table which is used to discuss the flat surface on top of the diamond.

      The pavilion is the opposite of the crown, and refers to the lower half of the diamond instead.

      Diamond cut details

      Ring cuts

      When it comes to ring designs, there are many around. Whereas most are self-explanatory, there are still some names that may need explaining, especially for those who are new to engagement rings and are looking to propose. Below, we break down some of the most common names that may need further defining.

      Just like its namesake, cushion cut engagement rings can be identified by its cushion-like shape. With straight lines that curve on the corners, this cut can easily be spotted by its signature design and cut.

      When looking for a princess cut, you may be a bit more confused as the name doesn’t give anything away. A popular fancy diamond cut, this can be identified by its square and rectangular shape that features an inverted pyramid-like style due to its four bevel sides.

      Another name that can be confusing is the Asscher cut, which is a distinct and vintage style. Identified as a step cut, Asscher cuts have a square-like shape with strikingly cropped corners that deliver an overall octagonal look.

      Also falling in the cut category, emerald cut engagement rings are more self-explanatory. Just like their name, the emerald cut features an emerald-like shape. Rectangular with parallel facets, this ring was originally used on emerald stones but is now used in diamonds.

      • Cushion cut
      • Princess cut
      • Asscher cut
      • Emerald cut

      Ring styles

      That’s right, there is more to engagement rings than just the design of the ring. There are also the different styles that are incorporated into it! Below, we clarify the most common designs used in our rings.

      For those unfamiliar with jewellery, halo engagement rings may sound confusing but somewhat intriguing. While floating halos aren’t involved, there are halo-like rings that are incorporated into the design.

      Identified by single or multiple hoops of jewels or diamonds framing the centre diamond, halos are a great feature to help enhance any design.

      A vintage style that is closely linked to the Gatsby theme, Art deco is easy to identify once you understand the term.

      Named after the early 1900’s era, this style involves bold lines, colourful stones and geometric shapes that were introduced during the same time.

      Often featured in many of our ring designs, a Pavé setting is the placing of stones or diamonds near each other to limit any metal being seen in between. This is popularly incorporated in the band of engagement rings or in the crown of the ring.

      • Halo engagement ring
      • Art deco ring
      • Pavé ring


      Haven’t found the terminology you were looking for? If you can’t find it on our category pages, we invite you to come into our store and explore our range with the assistance of our friendly team who can answer any questions you may have.

      From defining lingo to helping you find the perfect engagement ring – Midas Jewellery can do it all for you!


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