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Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

This perfect pair of Midas Jewellery pearl earrings are a statement of elegant style and timeless appeal. The lustre of the luminous round South Sea pearls is accentuated by the brilliance of the diamonds within a simple four claw setting. These pearl earrings are a necessity for any jewellery collection as their refined beauty provides effortless style and a touch of luxury.

Pearl and Diamond Flower Earrings

These perfectly round South Sea pearl earrings are complete with a marvellous arrangement of marquise diamonds to give a distinct touch of glamour to this simply elegant look. For a chic design that has a distinct hint of luxury, this pair of Midas earrings could be yours. The Midas pearl necklace collection features a matching piece to complement these earrings.

South Sea Pearl and Diamond Flower Necklace

This perfectly round South Sea pearl is connected to a beautiful arrangement of marquise diamonds, giving a chic and elegant look. The simple design has a timeless appeal, with the diamonds drawing attention to the stunning lustre and perfect shape of the featured pearl. For a pearl necklace that will never lose its unique beauty and charm, this could be the design for you.

Ocean Flower Necklace

The diamond pavé petals of this stunning piece of Midas jewellery brings the superb South Sea pearl to life. The intricate design of this design draws the eye in, highlighting the pure natural beauty of pearls. Creating the illusion of a beautiful ocean flower, this piece highlights the precision of Midas craftsmanship. This could be the perfect luxury gift for your loved one.

Pearl and yellow diamond dress ring

This ring design offers a stunning combination of white and yellow diamonds that branch out from a single featured south sea pearl. The ornate pavé arrangement of white diamonds captures four fancy yellow diamonds in an elaborate formation. This statement piece of jewellery would make an eye-catching addition to any jewellery collection for you to admire for a lifetime.

Pearl and Rose Gold Modern Ring

This piece is a tribute to south sea pearls and rose gold with the delicate metal work creating a stunning modern and uniquely shaped ring. The glorious lustre of the south sea pearl shines against the warmth of the rose gold, edged brilliant white diamonds to give the design a marvellous finish. This brilliant piece of Midas Jewellery presents an exciting example of fresh design and clever combinations of precious materials.

Pearl and Diamond Pavé Leaf Ring

This ring from our pearl collection is a perfect example of how nature inspires Midas design. The delicate diamond pavé leaf creates the foundation of this ring, sitting upon a pavé split band, giving the design further structure. A single South Sea Pearl sits upon the careful formation of round diamonds, accentuating its impressive lustre, pure colour and shape.

Modern Pearl and Diamond micro pavé ring

This pearl and diamond micro pavé ring showcases brilliant modern and fresh ring design. The beautiful curvature of the white gold paired with the radiance of the diamond micro pavé gives a stunning appearance. The featured south sea pearl glows upon the diamond micro pavé. The combination within this design accentuates the lustre of the pearl compared to the brilliance of the diamonds, highlighting the beauty in each.

Vintage Inspired Pearl and Diamond Ring

This ring design is dominated by the powerful presence of the south sea pearl. This pearl sits upon a beautiful and ornate diamond pavé arrangement inspired by elaborate Edwardian style vintage jewellery design. For a pearl and diamond ring that pays tribute to an era of ornate and impressive design, this ring truly exceeds expectations and could be yours to admire for a lifetime.

Pearl and Rose Gold Vine Ring

A single stunning South Sea pearl is framed by petals of glistening gold, dotted with round brilliant diamonds. The warmth of the rose gold gives a romantic feel to the design, paired with the floral appearance of the vines to give a feminine appearance. This pearl ring design is truly the epitome of elegance, exuding elegance and warmth in its unique arrangement.

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