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Birthstone engagement rings: July to December

If you’re interested in unique and eye-catching coloured engagement rings in Sydney, there are a wide range of birthstone designs available. With a different stunning stone for each month of the year, it is a wonderful way to personalise your design. At Midas Jewellery we incorporate a wide range of precious gemstones into our signature […]

Engagement ring spotlight: oval shape

Oval engagement rings are a modern masterpiece. At Midas Jewellery, we have a stunning range of oval designs on offer and one of them could be the perfect choice for you! If you’ve been looking for a more unusual design of diamond ring with a brilliance like the round cut, an oval shaped diamond could […]

Which precious metal is right for me?

There are a lot of different things to think about when considering the different kinds of metals that can be used for wedding bands and engagement rings. Remember that these are pieces of jewellery that you’re likely to wear every day for the rest of your life, so they must suit. Most people have a […]

Floral jewellery for the spring season

Bright colours and floral patterns are keys to blooming spring styling. Our master jewellers in Sydney offer a beautiful range of floral designs, featuring lovely combinations of precious metals, white diamonds and other precious gemstones. If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery for this season, look no further than Midas! Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings […]

Engagement ring spotlight: the emerald cut

Emerald cut engagement rings are a stylish statement of elegance and vintage glamour. For a cut that has been around for centuries, its design remains one of the most stylish and unique choices for diamond engagement rings. Midas offers an impressive collection of emerald cut diamond rings for you to admire across three Sydney boutiques. […]