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      Birthstone cocktail rings: January to June

      Not sure what to get for her birthday? We may have the answer: we have the perfect diamond ring for her. Many of our rings feature a coloured gemstone. In this article, we will explore the gemstones that fall between January and June.

      January birthstone – Garnet

      Garnets are available in a number of colours including shades of green, yellow, orange and red. A particularly stunning choice of gemstone is the red garnet, a lovely option for those born in January. Believed to represent vitality, red garnets look beautiful within a yellow gold setting in a solitaire design. This simple yet elegant design showcases the vibrant colour of the featured gemstone. Since garnets come in at 6.5-7.5 on the Moh’s scale, they are quite vulnerable to wear. This means that they are best in cocktail rings or other jewellery designs that won’t be worn every day. Ensuring that you have a strong, protective setting for the garnet will help to prevent damage. The Midas master jewellers can custom design the perfect garnet cocktail ring for you or your loved one.

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      February birthstone – Amethyst

      The gorgeous purple hues of amethysts make them an eye-catching and remarkable feature stone for any cocktail ring. The purple colour comes in a variety of shades ranging from light lavender to deep violet. Symbolic of balance, these gemstones look stunning within a three-stone setting using a pale amethyst and white diamonds either side on a silver, white gold or platinum band. Amethysts of darker colouring make spectacular feature stones in large oval or cushion cuts. Since amethysts only come in at a 7 on the Moh’s scale they need a solid setting to avoid damage. Browse the Midas range in store to find this amethyst dress ring and more violet beauties.

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      March birthstone – Aquamarine

      With an appearance that resembles tranquil water, aquamarine is a refreshing and calming choice of gemstone, associated with the beauty of mermaids. The light blue colouring is absolutely breathtaking within a halo diamond setting on a silver, white gold or platinum band. The refined beauty in the tone of aquamarine combined with the divine brilliance of white diamonds creates the perfect kind of design. With a score of 7.5-8 on the Moh’s scale they are more solid than some of the other precious gemstones but would benefit from a secure setting to protect from possible damage. Talk to our jewellers in store to see the stunning aquamarine and diamond pieces in our collection.

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      April birthstone – Diamond

      Diamonds have remained THE engagement ring gemstone for generations, but they also feature in many elaborate dress ring designs. The versatility, sparkle and durability of this stone sets them apart from the rest. They work wonderfully in every style with a brilliance and durability that is unparalleled. It is easy to see why diamonds have been such a popular choice and it’s clear that they will stay that way for many years to come. Ranking higher than all other gemstones on the Moh’s scale at a rating of 10, diamonds are secure in many different settings. Although, the hardness of diamonds is also a weakness as it makes them brittle and vulnerable to chipping which can be very difficult for jewellers to repair. Diamond jewellery is our specialty, for the highest quality designs you can trust Midas to deliver every time

      May birthstone – Emerald

      Emeralds make an impressive and alluring choice of gemstone for cocktail rings as they symbolise growth and inspiration. The beautiful colouring of an emerald looks best in the emerald cut which is not designed for sparkle but gives a unique depth to the stone. This depth doesn’t distract from the striking colour and looks truly lovely with diamond baguettes. Rating only 7.5-8 on the Moh’s scale, emeralds are vulnerable to wear and damage so a secure setting such as a diamond halo could be what is needed to protect the gemstone. If you’re interested in emerald cocktail rings, browse our exclusive range in store to find the perfect piece for you.

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      June birthstone – Pearl

      Recognised as the ultimate symbol of purity and luxury, pearls have been loved for centuries. Appearing naturally in a range of colours, they look lovely in everything from platinum to rose gold. Special care is needed to keep pearl rings in good shape as they only have a hardness of 2.5-4.5, putting them at the bottom of the Moh’s scale, meaning they are far more vulnerable to damage than other gemstones. This vulnerability means that they are rarely the choice of gemstone for engagement rings which are constantly worn but make a stunning cocktail ring to be worn for special occasions. Midas also offers an extensive range of exquisite pearl necklaces and earrings to match your cocktail ring of choice.

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      Our master jewellers in Sydney work alongside experienced staff across three boutiques. If you think that she would love a cocktail ring that features her birthstone next year, visit us in store to browse our collections or start designing your custom piece. Next month we’ll be looking at the birthstones for July to December, so make sure you keep an eye out for the Midas Jewellery blogs in your newsfeed!

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