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    Need help? That's what we're here for! Please fill in the form below and one of our experienced jewellers will call and assist you.

      Best ways to organise your jewellery collection

      New year, newly organised jewellery collection! There is nothing worse than going to look for jewellery and finding chaos of diamonds and chains. Not only is it bad for the condition of your jewellery, but it makes looking for the right piece a mission.

      To maintain the quality of your jewellery and have ease of use, we recommend going through and cleansing your jewellery collection! As one of the leading jewellers in Sydney, trust us when we say we know how to effectively store and organise jewellery and can have a huge impact!

      Check out how you can improve your jewellery organisation below. You and your jewellery can thank us later!

      Clear out your unwanted jewellerydiamond rings

      Before you can start organising your collection, the first thing you should do is tidy everything up. Go through your jewellery and clear out the pieces you no longer want. If it has been a while since you last went through your jewellery box, we can imagine you have a solid pile of jewellery collected over time.

      Take everything out and separate what will stay and what will no longer be kept. Going through and culling what you no longer want to keep makes room for your other pieces to be stored comfortably. It also makes your collection less cluttered and easier to navigate through.

      Throw out any broken or deteriorated designs. If you find some of your jewellery is in top condition but is just no longer your style, we suggest passing it on to a friend or family member who will enjoy it. Alternatively, you could always donate it to a clothing drive for someone to cherish, extending its life.

      Use quality storage solutionsjewellery collection

      When storing your jewellery, you should only use quality storage displays and containers. There are several options available, including hidden boxes and showcased displays, making your decision easy.

      If you want to display some of your favourite pieces, we recommend a dish or plush jewellery cushion for little accessories such as your earrings and a stand for longer designs like necklaces and bracelets. If
      you desire a minimalistic approach, a sturdy jewellery box that can be locked is a traditional yet timeless solution.

      As a specialised jeweller that sells diamond rings to Sydney customers, we know just how good your rings can look when out in the open! But as tempting as it is to show some of your most valuable rings on display, you should consider keeping them hidden in a container for safety. Ultimately, the original box it comes purchased in is a safe spot if you don’t have a jewellery box.

      Not only is this good for security purposes, but it is best for the quality of the design. This is important for engagement rings and diamond bands especially! By having it locked away, you avoid the build-up of dust and other particles that can impact the ring’s quality.

      Keep your pieces separated and categorisedjewellery pieces organised

      Once you’ve established the collection you want to keep and have storage space prepared, you should store your pieces strategically. We encourage you to keep your pieces separated to avoid wear and tear.

      Keeping your designs together can not only create a mess but increase the chances of your pieces tangling together. It can also have stones rubbing one another, causing abrasions that you want to avoid with cherished designs from Midas Jewellery! High-quality jewellery is delicate and should be dealt with accordingly.

      Utilise the different compartments in your storage solution. From trays to draws, maximise all your space but make sure to maintain gaps between them, especially if they have chains. The last thing you want is for pieces to intertwine and become tangled!

      To make organising easier, try storing similar pieces together by categorising them. Keep the bracelets with the bracelets, your rings with the other rings and so on. This won’t just make your collection neater and easier to navigate, but it will deter your collection from becoming a wild ball of chaos.

      Utilise travel cases when going awayruby jewellery pieces

      For those times you are going away, seek a solid travel case for your jewellery. Have it handy on the side, ready to go if ever needed.

      A travel jewellery box or container will allow you to take your cherished items away with you while having little worry. It will also give it a designated space to put in your suitcase or handbag. Keeping your pieces safe when mobile allows you to still look stylish even when on the go.

      To ensure safe travel, opt for a container that has multiple compartments. While you will only be bringing your needed pieces and not the entirety of your collection, you still have to keep everything in place and not bundled together, avoiding any damage or issues. This also makes it better for the organisation! Bonus points if it has a lock to stop any unsuspecting visitors!

      Now that you know our storage tips, it is time to purchase the jewellery you want to keep for a lifetime! With three Midas Jewellery boutiques spread across the city, we are the jewellers in Sydney you should visit for all your fine jewellery or engagement ring needs.

      To explore our pieces, visit one of our three shops or go to our online store.

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