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      All about rose gold engagement rings

      When selecting an engagement ring, the most significant task can be determining which metal is best for the ring. Not sure on the colour you should pick? If your partner is one who adores pink, rose gold may just be the best option. 

      Possessing a delicate pink hue, this tone is as flattering as it is romantic, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

      Not convinced rose gold is the right metal for your ring? Find out why this might just be the best option below!


      History of rose gold engagement rings

      While it may seem modern, rose gold is actually a vintage choice. First utilised in early 19th century Russia, rose gold was initially known as ‘Russian Gold’ due to its origin. 

      Rose gold metal didn’t take off in the foreign market until the 1920s. It gained popularity in the USA for being a feminine metal that was often used in fine jewellery and engagement rings.

      Subtly romantic, the mix of gold with other metals create the blush-rose coloured alloy we see today. Rose gold can range from red to more pink tones, depending on the mixture ratio.

      Since its initial rise in popularity, rose gold has both emerged and fallen in trends over time. Most recently, rose gold has increased in popularity once more after being reintroduced to the younger generations. 

      Since then, it has been one of the most popular metal choices currently available for engagement rings not just in Australia, but worldwide.The advantages of rose gold

      Rose gold is the most durable gold colour

      A mixture of gold with metals, rose gold doesn’t just get its warm colour from the combination! 

      Due to it being a hybrid gold alloy of silver and copper metals, rose gold is incredibly strong, too. In fact, it is the most robust option out of its gold counterparts yellow and white. It doesn’t need a rhodium plate either.

      Its inclusion of copper and silver in the mixture adds further strength to the yellow gold base, meaning it isn’t as prone to abrasions. 

      This also means it doesn’t tarnish, making it incredibly durable and a strong choice.

      Rose gold is incredibly feminine

      As promised in its name, rose gold has a delicate hue that resembles a rosy colour, making it a tone that complements all skin tones. The result of yellow gold combined with silver and copper metals creates a stunning shade perfect for any type of jewellery. 

      Rose gold delivers a metal option to those looking for a soft yet feminine option that differs from the traditional yellow or white gold. Because it provides a warm pink shade, this metal has been known to steal the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts worldwide due to its romantic colour. 

      But the feminine colour doesn’t just appeal to those who appreciate more refined tones; it also conveys to those who prefer vintage styles. With its rustic hue, this gold option works well with many vintage designs, resonating to jewellery trends from the past.

      It has an affordable price tag

      As mentioned earlier, rose gold is a mixture of gold, copper and silver. Since it’s not 100% gold, it comes with a considerably more affordable price tag than the average yellow gold ring.

      The inclusion of copper makes the metal much more cost-effective because the material costs less than other metals. 

      This means rose gold engagement rings are not only stronger than yellow gold ones, but it is more appealing to those who have a budget to consider as well!

      Our collection of rose gold engagement rings

      When you come to Midas Jewellery, you’ll find a large selection of rose gold engagement rings on display. With various cuts and settings utilised; we deliver exclusive rose gold engagement rings for you to discover.

      Diamond cuts for rose gold engagement ringsAre you looking for a more eccentric rose gold design? Go for a duotone! Due to its flattering tone, rose gold can make an enchanting match with both yellow and white gold.Engagement ring styles for rose gold

      Have you made a decision? If you are interested in a rose gold engagement ring, we invite you to visit the experts at Midas Jewellery! 

      Across all three of our jewellery stores in Sydney, we showcase an assortment of rose gold jewellery, including engagement rings.

      If you have a particular design in mind, why not sit down with our master jewellers? By booking an appointment with a Midas master jeweller, you can sit down with the guidance of our experts to create the ring of your dreams. 

      Ready? Book your appointment now!

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